Do you have a question about renting Skis, Snowboards, Snow Chains or Clothing from Boss Outdoor Sports?

Have a look below for the most common questions asked about hiring. If you have a question not featured here, please contact us at anytime.

Yes we are. We have only changed the name of this family owned and operated business after more than 30 years, because BP have upgraded their Service Centre and it became time for a name change. All customers who have hired equipment for this season through our BP Ski Hire website, will now automatically become Boss Outdoor Sports customers.

You can collect your hire from 3:00pm the day prior to your hire commencing. For instance, if you have a weekend hire for 2 days, starting on Saturday, you can collect your rental from anytime after 3:00pm on the Friday. We are open 24 hours through winter season.

You can return your rental equipment up to 11pm on the due day of your return. We are open 24 hours through the snow season. If you are up the mountain and will have trouble returning before this time, please notify us in advance and you may be able to drop your gear off before 8.00am the next day. If equipment is not returned by this time, an extra days hire may be charged.

After last seasons covid lockdowns effected the snow season for many around Australia, we have now implemented a policy of Full Refunds for customers that for whatever reason, may not be able to make it to the snow for their holiday. If anyone in your group becomes sick, prior to collection, we can refund their hire. If somebody becomes sick, injured or just have to make an early departure, we will provide partial refunds for the remaining days of any un-used rental.

We are open 24 hours – 7 days a week throughout the snow season.

We have an extensive range of warm, waterproof and comfortable snow clothing, to suit everyone. Sizes range from size 00 in one piece suits for babies, through to Jackets & Pants up to size 12XL. We also have waterproof baby boots and up to size 17 in Adult Snow Walking Boots

Ladder or also known as hoop chains are relatively easy to fit to any car. You may have to lie down on a wet snowy road to fit these chains to the back of your tire correctly, but if you carry a tarp or toboggan, you will have no problem at all.

Diamond chains are also an easy fit option, but you will not have to lay down to reach around to the back of tire. They also provide more chain on snow with more traction in difficult snow/ice road conditions.

For further information on snow chain fitting, please visit – Snow Chain Fitting & Safety Information

When there is snow and ice on the road. Do not drive with chains on bitumen roads. This will damage chains and you will be required to pay for damaged chains.

The roads department will stop all 2WD vehicles where snow on road starts at a chain fitting area. You will see many cars stopped in these areas, putting chains on. As soon as there is no more snow and ice on road, please pull over in an area safe to do so and remove chains from your wheels.

You will be given a detailed demonstration on chain fitting by your Customer Service attendant, on your own car, at the time of hiring chains.

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Yes, you will be entitled to a partial refund of any unused days, remaining on your rental.

Yes we are. After the snow season is completed in October, we now open for Mountain Bike, Kayaks, Fishing and Camping hire. Our hours of operation after the winter season are to be announced