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Ski & Snowboard Hire

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced skier or snowboarder the ideal snow holiday generally begins and ends with the quality of your rental snow hire experience.

You want comfortable warm clothing, well fitted boots, the correct skis or snowboard for your ability and a knowledgeable team of assistants whose advice will help you successfully navigate the experience.

Ski or Snowboard Boots

Proper fitted boots are the first and probably most important part of the hire experience. Wearing boots that don’t fit snugly, can cause many issues, from pain to lack of control, so always take the time and communicate with your attendant any problems you feel when trying boots on.

We have a large range of boots from a variety of brands, so if one does not fit your feet dimensions properly, another brand and style will.

Here is what you are looking for in an ideal boot fitting.

  1. Good comfortable long socks. Only socks in boots, do not tuck pants or leggings into boots, as this will cut off circulation and cause discomfort.
  2. End of toes just touching the end of your boots, when standing tall. When you crouch and lean forward in a skiing or snowboarding position, the toes should move slightly back from end of boot.
  3. Firm around foot and calves, with only small amount of lift in heel area.
  4. Enough buckle adjustment to tighten boots if required, as day goes on and boot inner may pack in.

 Skis or Snowboards

Now let’s get to the fun stuff – getting the right equipment for your ability and style of skiing or snowboarding.

First Time Skier

From the very beginning of your ski or snowboarding experience, it is our objective to ensure a positive, fun, and exhilarating experience, that you will enjoy so much, you will want to do it every season.

First up, as with all levels of skier, you will be asked the following questions.

  • Have you ever skied before, if so what level would you say you are (Beginner, Intermediate. Advanced)
  • How old are you?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • How tall are you?

All these questions are important, as it allows your attendant to get a picture of the type of skier and ability you have, to provide you with the best ski option available. We also require this information to set the bindings on the skis correctly, so if you fall or twist in an awkward way, you will be easily released from the bindings, and ensure you never have any knee or leg injuries.

As a first-time skier, start on a lighter, softer basic ski. This setup provides control, and makes it easier to turn and stop, at slow to medium speeds. We always suggest lessons to get you enjoying the basics of skiing quicker.

Watch these video to assist you to ski from day 1. How to Ski in One Day & 10 Beginner Skills

First Time Snowboarder

As snowboards do not have release bindings, less information is required. As a first-time snowboarder, we suggest you get on a softer, shorter board, possibly with a reverse camber that makes it easier to control, sideslip, turn and catch an edge less. The questions our attendant will ask you are as follows.

  • Have you snowboarded before, if so, how many times?
  • How tall are you?
  • Are you goofy or natural footed? (Goofy is right foot forward, Natural is left foot forward) They may also ask if you have ridden a skateboard or scooter before, which will help with foot placement, if you are unsure of your preferred foot stance.

Watch this video for helpful hints on snowboarding your first day: Beginner Snowboard Lesson

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